Sending our prayers after Cyclone Mekunu

By Marianna Wright, Co-Founder of UAE Explorers

Officials have confirmed that 10 people have died in Oman and Yemen and 40 people are still missing after Cyclone Mekunu struck the southern coast of the Arab Peninsula. Many of those missing are Yemeni, Indian and Sudanese fishermen. We pray for their safe return and for those who have sadly died at the hands of Mekunu. May God be with them and their families in this trying time. 

The storm has de-escalated and is making its way through the Empty Quarter with winds and rain. 

Storms here on the Arab Peninsula take on an entirely different nature than what many expats are prepared for. This is why UAE Explorers always takes extra precautions when there is even a hint of rain coming to the areas we plan to explore. 

Wadis are otherwise dry areas where water gathers from higher places when there is rain. The ultra-dry ground doesn't allow the rain to absorb normally and instead gathers to form raging rivers in a matter of seconds. 

The winds on the water create undertows that even the most advanced swimmers have not survived. 

We must always be cautious and respect the elements - respect their dangerous nature. Our lives depend on it.