Mohamed Al Hajeri


Mohamed comes from the UAE desert. He's an experienced safari guide who loves to see everyone enjoy the UAE's culture and all that the country has to offer. You will find Mohamed around the campfire at night telling stories that leave us all in awe. We encourage you to give Mohamed a topic and he will have a story for it!

Marianna Wright


Marianna is a Canadian journalist who fell in love with the UAE and decided to make it home. She is passionate about helping others find fun and unique ways to have an adventure. Marianna likes connecting with others and helping others find new friends. Marianna will be found chasing her salukis, Falah and Lilly, (a native dog breed) up and down the mountains while leading hikes across the emirates.

Saad Suliman


Saad is from Pakistan and although he is banker, his compassion and his love for adventure drove him to join UAE Explorers in his spare time. He has been organizing events ever since! You will find Saad as the one you can rely on. When he's not giving people rides and chatting with newbies to make sure everyone is happy, he's bringing amazing Pakistani foods and sweets!


Camping Specialist

Eddie is an Indian national who has grown up in the Gulf, but moved to the UAE a few years ago. He's out every weekend enjoying the great outdoors with his loyal companion, Poncho the Pug. He likes taking people out camping and promoting environmental clean up after enjoying nature. Eddie won't be found burning energy walking on hikes, but he will drive beside us when he can!